Read that one  a few times and let it really SINK IN. I am all-in when in comes to elevating my mood with gratitude (oooh expect a meme on that later) and I had to re-read this beauty to absorb my own meaning of the words.

When we sit, even for just a moment in a place of gratitude, we allow our mind, body and energy to fill with love, to feel stillness in the moment, and reconnect with our true journeys.

Gratitude feeds the soul. Eat it up.

I don’t get caught up in thinking about what to be grateful for – I just look at the moment in front of me. Feeling grateful for sun on my face and the warmth it radiates across my skin often brings the same peace as the gratitude I have for my husband’s support. What I mean is, even the smallest glimmer of gratitude yields feelings of peace and love.

Challenge yourself to take a moment everyday to feel gratitude. Peace.

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