The truth about Max

The truth about Max is that life is fluid, like an energy ball racing toward physical bodies staying for a time only to dislodge from the confines of skin and bone to move forward toward its next transition. The truth about Max is we are here to experience….everything. Love. Despair. Joy. The truth about Max is that we are not alone and we travel this life with others. Some are present in the physical world and others are connected by the energy which makes up our soul matter. The truth about Max is that he shared secrets with me. He reminded me that living is greater than the bodies we visit in. The truth about Max is that in his short life he opened my eyes to what living actually means, he helped dispel the myth of life and death, and he taught me to trust – above all else – my intuition, my internal compass, yes, those voices in my head.

These are the secret gifts my son shared with me.

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