Don’t Think. FEEL.

Don’t Think It, Feel it

The bone I have with New year’s Resolutions is that we THINK of a list of resolutions that we think we want in the new year. Then – assuming we stay on track – we look for the most direct paths so we can check off the list by year’s end.

But what if the resolution is actually in the PATH?
And what if the path, isn’t direct?


When we set New Year’s Resolutions, or make life choices based on what we think we want, or rather, how we think the prize should look (promotion to CEO, lose 10 lbs, get the guy…) we can lose the true beauty and potential of the desire. And often – even when the goal is reached – it doesn’t fill us like we thought it would. You’re left feeling unsatisfied.

Instead ask your self: How do I want to FEEL? What’s that deep, centered spark of emotion, the one that lights you up when you imagine having it? That space of excitement, or security or comfort or power – the one that immediately orients your inner compass. Yeah that one.

When we approach our goals with soul,
the whole journey is the prize.

Defining how you want to FEEL opens up possibilities. Different paths. Opportunities that you hadn’t even thought of. When we go after our goals with the emotion in mind and allow the path to unfold and the doors to appear we allow ourselves to be receptive to the journey and open to the possibility that our definition of success may not match the feelings of success.

Is it the position of CEO that you want or
financial security, freedom, feeling of contribution?

Is it 10lbs you want to lose, or
do you want to feel strong, flexible, energized?

Feel it.

Be open to the doors you didn’t know existed.

Gauge success by the fire in your soul.

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