Setting a daily intention will rock your world

There are all different ways to journal! ? my kids have a different approach than I do. Some days I’ll write a bunch and other days – in fact most days – I’ll focus on just a few words. 

A few core words that define how I want to feel in the day. How I want to set myself up to tackle all the big and little choices and decisions that I have coming. 

When I start my day with my core desired feelings I’m setting my intention, I’m telling my mind, body and soul how my day is gonna roll. And it works. When you know how you want to feel and set that intention with the universe, everything seems to fall in line.

Such a simple habit can make big shifts in your life. I have four (incredible) kids and my husband and I both work from home. Things can get chaotic and stressful. And sometimes I can get lost in the details – the dishes, the messy floors, the  day-to-day hustle…?? Since I started setting my days up life runs more smoothly. I am more CALM. I have more ideas and I’m more creative. I attract more like-minded people. I attract more people I can help. 



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So, ??How do you want feel? And how do you set up your days? I’d love to hear in the comments below ?? and for those who already start their day with their core desired feelings – how has it changed your life???

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