You want more.

You’re a seeker. You know there is more to life than what you see in front of you everyday… in your daily grind. You can feel that faint…buzz, that ‘knowing’ that we are meant to experience and bring more joy.

You know there is more.
Maybe you don’t know how that looks yet…
but you trust there is more here for you…
in you…
that connects you.

We are naturally wired for balance. But the society we live in isn’t always in alignment with that. It’s often not a priority. And so many of us live our lives a bit disconnected from our inner compass.

Restoring your mind, body and energy balance allows you to more easily tap into your inner wisdom. Life is easier. Decisions are easier. You feel good mentally, emotionally and physically.

Modern science accepts that the subconscious mind is like a computer program, recording and internally processing experiences, reactions and emotions.  Beyond the physical body and mind, there is also an energy body. This energy body is ultra-sensitive, registering all your life experiences, big and small, positive and negative, emotional to physical. This is all imprinted on your energy body along with the feelings that are triggered. Over time, unexpressed and often unconscious emotions can cause your energy to be blocked which prevents you from functioning optimally – emotionally and physically. No matter your circumstances, when your energy is flowing you feel better and you can more easily create a balanced mind, body and spirit.

As I came to understand my view of our world and energy systems, it made sense to me that our subconscious mind and our energetic body would seamlessly flow into each other, as a part of each other,  even be one in the same. Perhaps this is the outer limits of the English language – where there simply aren’t words to explain or define this aspect of being – where we must begin to feel the answers.  

This is when I fell in love with Reiki & Hypnosis.


My unique sessions blend Reiki, Hypnosis, intuition and elements of other modalities to help you find balance, clear away that which no longer serves you, tap into your inner wisdom and find alignment with your soul’s voice.

Behaviors and belief systems run deep. It is not uncommon for a client to come to me for one issue and discover there are other drivers.

I am best able to help you by connecting with you before recommending a session plan. Your first visit is an assessment and will  include energy healing and then I’ll make a recommendation and we’ll go from there.

“I want to thank you for helping me. I felt so great after our (hypnosis) session on Thursday. I didn’t have to take any of my supplements for anxiety that day, usually I take about 6 a day. I’m feeling better. I cant wait to book my next session.”
– Cassandra A.


I reserve my time just for you! You must cancel at least 24 hours for a full refund. Thank you!